Fayette County Passes School Closures and Consolidation Plan

Microphones were open for the last time on Tuesday night for residents to speak their side and for the Board of Education members to speak there’s.

Fayette County’s school board has held various public hearings in the past three weeks for schools that would be affected by THE CEFP plan to close buildings, reconfigure schools’ grade levels and transfer students to drop the county’s number of public schools from 18 to 11.

 Lue Jones, who opposes the CEFP Plan, said, “They’re going to have to ride over the mountain, and they’re saying it’s 45 minutes…that’s not stopping picking up kids! They’re just running the bus route. It’s not fair that we have to send our kids to riverside.” 

 Cindy Chamberlin, who supports the plan, said, “But I think what’s most interesting of tonight… there was 10 speakers, eight of them were parents who also spoke in support of the CEFP and the two individuals that spoke against it are community long members who do not have any children or family in the system. So, you know, I think we need to take a emotion out of it. It’s never easy to close schools, however, we have to do something.. we have to move forward before a child is killed.”

 And after the final hearing, the votes were made… 

“And after all this information, we will place our votes this evening… and it’s not about personal preference. It’s about offering a equal education to every student in Fayette County.”

The Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan was passed.

“Well this is a data driven, Curriculum driven plan for all students. When I arrived here I was a superintendent for the state, I was charged with getting a plan of action for academic facilities, and by working collaboratively with the state board and with the school building authority, we have put together a very progressive plan to correct those issues,” explained Terry George, Fayette County Superintendent.  

Under this plan, the following schools will be closed:


Ansted Middle School (2018)

Rosedale Elementary (2019) 

Mount Hope Elementary (2019)

Fayetteville Elementary (2019)

Gatewood Elementary (2019)

Meadow Bridge High School (2019)

Valley Elementary (2019)

 And the following schools will be reconfigured and consolidated:

Reconfiguration & Consolidation:

Midland Trail High school 

Collins middle school 

New River Elementary

Fayetteville High School 

Meadow Bridge Elementary 

Oak Hill Elementary 

Valley High School 

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