Fayette County man convicted of attempted second-degree murder, multiple other felonies

ANSTED, WV (WOAY) – A Fayette County man is convicted of attempted second-degree murder and multiple other violent felonies.

On Aug. 19, 53-year-old Timothy Maichle, of Ansted, was convicted of the following felony charges: one count of attempted second-degree murder, one count of malicious assault and one count of third offense domestic battery.

Maichle will be sentenced on Oct. 4 at 10:30 a.m.  He faces 1-3 years for attempted second-degree murder, 2-10 years for malicious assault and 1-5 years for third offense domestic battery.

On Sept. 9, 2020, police responded to the Hawk’s Nest State Park overlook in the Ansted area following a report that a female, later identified as the defendant’s wife, had been struck by a vehicle.
The investigation revealed that the defendant and his wife had been arguing while traveling on Route 60 in a car driven by the defendant. The investigation further revealed that the defendant slowed down and acted as though he was going to let his spouse out of the vehicle.
As his wife prepared to exit the car, the defendant quickly accelerated and pushed Amanda Maichle out of the car while it was traveling at approximately 35 m.p.h.
As a result, she suffered severe head trauma, including multiple skull fractures, two broken legs, and other serious injuries from being pushed from the vehicle by the defendant and then being run over by the car.
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