Fayette County high schools host commencement ceremonies for class of 2020

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Fayette County high schools held graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020.

Meadow Bridge, Midland Trail and Oak Hill High Schools all held graduation ceremonies for their students after a three-month hiatus. But instead of being in air-conditioned gymnasiums, they were on football fields to keep students and family members safe.

Meadow Bridge High School’s Principal Stacy White says that she’s incredibly proud of the class of 2020, for having gone through such a tough year. 

“Through this whole pandemic, they have not been angry or upset because they missed out on events during the end of their senior year. But they’ve been appreciative and accepting of everything that we’ve tried to do. So for that I say thank you, I’m proud of them and I love each of them.”

But not all of the class of 2020 was able to attend the ceremonies. Some students had already left the area to start jobs as essential workers.

“They were sad that they had to miss the ceremony but they said to give their best wishes and they’ve just moved on. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced a lot of us to move on, and that’s what they’ve done.”

Some schools have already held unofficial graduation ceremonies, like parades for the students instead, but thanks to the Fayette County Board of Education, these ceremonies are officially recognized. Fayette County Superintendent of Schools Gary Hough said that today is an exciting day, given that it took so long to reach. 

“Pretty exciting day. These students faced more adversity than any other class in terms of graduation and the situation. And so it’s great to have the opportunity today.”

Officially, the students graduated back in May. They received their diplomas and many have already moved on with their lives, but these ceremonies were a way for the school board to show their support for the students in an official and safe way.

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