Fayette County Head Start held parade to remind families to enroll this fall

OAK HILL WV (WOAY) – A group of Fayette County Head Start faculty members held a parade this morning to remind the community to enroll their kids in Head Start.

If you see school buses drive through your neighborhoods that’s because Fayette County Head Start is trying to get more kids enrolled this fall. Right now, the center has less than half of its students enrolled and staff members hope after today those numbers will change. 

Over 60 staff members participated in the parade by passing out enrollment applications. 

“We know once parents and families see buses rolling through the communities. Sometimes those families who haven’t enrolled yet that’s when those families start calling and saying hey do you have any spots open,” said Early Childhood Developer Manager, Georgia Bennett. “So we just want to get out and be seen in the community and let people know that we’re open.”  

The program’s main priority is to let parents know that the school is not only open but, it’s also safe to return. 

“One of the biggest things that I like to see is for kids to come to school for a safe environment and to get two good meals a day,” said Transportation Director, Charles Evans.     

Dreama Johnson, an Early Head Start Teacher who has been with the program for 25 years says not seeing her students has been tough. 

“We left so abruptly we didn’t get to say goodbye in a really important way, so we want to see the kids we had and welcome the new kids,” said Johnson. 

If parents aren’t 100 percent comfortable letting their children return to Head Start there are other options the program offers to ensure kids stay on track.  

“We have options for distance learning, so we just want to let our communities know that. Let everyone know that we’re taking applications and that we will have children in centers and we will also offer where parents can do learning online,” said Bennett. 

If you would like more information about enrollment, you can reach Fayette County Head Start at 304-465-5613.

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