Fayette County HAZMAT scare a mystery

DANESE, WV (BY: MIKE MCCULLOUGH, WV METRONEWS) — A seemingly routine EMS call quickly escalated Monday afternoon at a Fayette County residence.

The Fayette County Office of Emergency Management told MetroNews affiliate WJLS that Jan-Care Ambulance responded to a residence along Upper Plantation Road.

The initial call was for a man with shortness of breath. The unidentified man was transported to Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, four members of the Jan-Care crew began to experience a skin rash and shortness of breath. The emergency room was placed on lockdown as a precaution. The four Jan-Care medics were quarantined inside of the hospital and all patients were decontaminated.  The lockdown was lifted within a few hours.

Authorities with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s HAZMAT Team and Fayette County emergency responders returned to the home for testing.  Fayette County Fire Services Coordinator Joe Crist says they still are not sure what caused the incident.

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