Fayette County Final Hearing For School Closures

Fayette County’s school board has held various public hearings in the past three weeks for schools that would be affected by its plan to close buildings, reconfigure schools’ grade levels and transfer students to drop the county’s number of public schools from 18 to 11.

Fayette County Superintendent, Terry George, says these plans are absolutely necessary. 

“The purpose is to provide students with better facilities and also to provide them with the most efficient and proficient curriculum that we can here in Fayette County because with five high schools our resources are spread so thin that we can’t provide all the courses and all the necessary classroom type situations that are needed for them to prepare themselves for college and careers.”

The two hearings that are left are for Rosedale Elementary and New River Elementary which are taking place on Tuesday night. 

“Looking at educational standards, we are 52nd out of 55 counties in the state of West Virginia. That makes me want to cry and vomit at the same time because our kids deserve more. I’m here as a parent of 3 children but I also work with high risk and special needs kids everyday and those kids deserve the same opportunities that my kids do, even if their parents are making bad decisions.” 

Following that final hearing, at 6:30 p.m., board members are set to vote on approving all the closures, grade reconfigurations and consolidations. 

Then, The State Board of Education members must later vote on whether to approve the closings. 

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