Fayette County Deputy To Be Honored for Her Work With Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are the most common type of violent crimes in the country, and the most dangerous for officers. 

That’s why as part of “Domestic Violence Awareness month”, a Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy will be awarded with “The Inside Award” on Saturday, October 14th for all her hard work in these types of cases.

“I’ve always been an advocate for children. I believe that the children in this situation have no voice, so domestic violence tends to repeat itself. Little boys that grow up in a home where daddy hits mommy, tends to be an adult who hits the women in his life. Little girls who grow up in a home where daddy beats mommy, tend to think that it’s okay, so this cycle repeats itself. If we in Fayette County Sheriff’s Office can prevent one child from going on with that cycle, then we’ve done our job,” Corporal Rachel Stephens, from the  Fayette County Sheriff’s Department. 

Sheriff Mike Fridley says Corporal Stephens’ work with domestic violence goes well beyond just responding to a scene.

“Every deputy sheriff handles domestic violence. Deputy Stephens goes a bit further where she’s our coordinator for domestic violence, she checks each and every report that a road Deputy does, and follows up with the victims and/or helps them with court cases, and/or helps the deputy sheriff who actually took the report to make sure that we have a good, strong case and the victim follows through to get them the help they need,” said Sheriff Mike Fridley. 

Corporal Stevens has worked for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department for almost six years, and has a passion for helping those who have been affected by domestic violence. 

“The true award would be helping a child or victim that’s been in this situation and to help them out of it. That would be the true award,” said Corporal Stephens.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Women’s Resource Center is inviting all of the community to join them in shining a light on domestic violence this Saturday at 7 pm at the Historic Fayette Theater. 

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