Fayette County Court Trial Concludes Gordan Is Not Guilty

The Fayette County Court House held closing arguments on the Sutphin murder trial Wednesday morning.

Back in July of 2015 Gordan Sutphin’s mother Lawanna at 67 years old died in Montgomery from an overdose combination of prescription medication and anti depressants. There are multiple theory’s on how her death occurred. The actual cause of her death is still uncertain.

Troy Giatras, Gordan Sutphin’s Attorney said, “They have multiple theory’s of how the death occurred. They have not been able to pick one theory or know which one it actually was.”

Gordan, 45 years old at the time, was accused of a mercy killing, or providing her pills which possibly lead to her death. There isn’t one consistent theme in the case, the evidence is overwhelming. It shows that Gordan is not guilty of these crimes.

Troy Giatras said,”We have been in a three day trial, we are now final at the third day. Closing arguments were this morning. We have pointed out that the state does not have and can not meet the reasonable doubt standard. They can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt of Gordan’s guilt.”

The verdict was met later that afternoon that Gordan is not guilty. Gordan Sutphin, II told the press, “I am thankful the truth came out. I love my mom and thank the jurors for listening to all of the evidence in the case.”

-Frank Notarbartolo

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