Fayette County Couple Arrested And Charged For Animal Cruelty

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Two people are arrested and facing seven counts of animal cruelty charges in Fayette County.

Charles Castle and Linda Castle from Beckwith were arrested on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, after Fayette County deputies received a message on Tuesday, April 10th,  about possible animal cruelty.

On Wednesday, April 11, Deputy Sheriff Keenan responded with the Fayette County Animal Control.  Mr. Castle stated that two dogs live inside of his home and that two to three dogs lived beside of them in a trailer because “they were old and he was just waiting for them to die.”  Once the Deputy and Animal Control officer went inside the trailer they discovered seven dogs.

The dogs were in six different wire cages that were raised off the ground with the only support on their feet being the wire cage.  There were feces all inside the cages and on the floor.  There was also no electricity inside the trailer.  All cages but one had no food or water; however, they did not look malnourished and food and water were nearby.  The animals have not been bathed, very dirty, and matted. One dog had a severely broken leg.  The two dogs living inside the house seemed to be in great shape.

The Animal Control officer asked Mrs. Castle if that had ever been to the vet and she said no.  She told officials she administered all of their shots herself, except for rabies and they have not had them.

All seven dogs were taken and Mr. Castly signed a release form.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Castle each face seven counts of animal cruelty charges, which is a misdemeanor and face up to 42 months and/or 14,000 dollars in fines.

Both posted 14,000 dollar bond each.

If you would like to assist with their vet bills you can make a donation to the New River Humane Society, visit: https://www.paypal.me/NewRiverHumaneSocInc


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