Fayette County Clerk Kelvin Holliday Receives National Award


Kelvin Holliday, Fayette County Clerk and community leader, received a national award Monday afternoon.


“I’m pretty much humbled and pleased. Also, they mentioned this is the first national award,” said Kelvin Holliday, award recipient.


The national award presented by Secretary of State, Mac Warner, recognized Kelvin Holliday for his work in registering high school students to vote.


“We took his name to the National Association and they approved for me to give it to him,” said Mac Warner, Secretary of State.


The NASS-WV award to promote civic engagement among high school students was presented to Clerk Holliday with his family, friends and community members present to celebrate his honor.


“He got the award for civic engagement which is getting involved with the students and getting them to register to vote. This is the first one that I’ve given out and it’s a distinct honor to come here to Fayette County,” said Secretary Warner.


Holliday has been working on civic engagement in schools in Fayette County for over 23 years helping high school students to understand the importance of voting.


“I believe in citizen engagement beginning with high schoolers. We need to get young people involved and the first step is to get them registered to vote. I personally go to the high schools each year and most of the years, we get very high attendance,” said Holliday.


Holliday is honored to receive this award and will continue to work with schools and students to help them understand how voting helps our nation.

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