Fayette County Child Development Center receives grant money

Every year the Fayette County Child Development Center is awarded grant money. Usually, it’s to help its Head Start program, and this year’s money is definitely not chump change.

Over 2.3 million dollars was awarded to Head Start by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Keith Young is the Executive Director of Head Start. He says the grant is huge when it comes to getting the kids ready for school and when some of them need special equipment.

“We’re appreciative of the money that we get,” Young said. “We work well with our regional office. There’s some great staff at the regional office. We all look at it as these are our kids. It is up tous to get them ready for school and if we don’t do that then we fail, and we are not going to fail in doing that. We want the kids ready for school.”

Young added that although the grant is a lot of money, it has to last until July 31 of next year.

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