Fayette County Bookmobile makes new stop in Glen Ferris

GLEN FERRIS, WV (WOAY) – On Wednesday the Fayette County Public Library’s Bookmobile made a stop at a new location in Glen Ferris.

The bookmobile makes stops in several locations across Fayette County to give people access to a library. The unit has a route which it follows and brings its services once a week to each of its stops. If for some reason the book you are looking for is not there let the drivers know and they will bring it with them next time.

“This is our first day at a new stop on the Fayette County Bookmobile,” said Bookmobile Driver Wilbert Lively. “Just trying to give folks that might not have access to a library a chance to come out. We have a little something for everyone and if we don’t have it we can order it from one of our branches and bring it next time we are here.”

For the bookmobile’s schedule visit the Fayette County Public Library website.

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