Fayette Co. woman charged with letting 2-year-old wander a mile from home

FAYETTE CO., WV (NEWS RELEASE) – A Fayette County woman is in jail after being arrested for allegations of gross child neglect. Sheriff Mike Fridley released the following information concerning this arrest: 


At approximately 11:30 am on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 notification was received through the Fayette County 911 Center of an unattended small child walking along Saturday Road in the Victor area of Fayette County. Corporal Rachel Stephens of the Danese Detachment of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to respond to this scene. Upon arrival at the scene Corporal Stephens located the child, but was unable to immediately identify the parents or guardian of this child. She then contacted Child Protective Services. 


While Corporal Stephens was investigating this incident, the Mother of the child called the Fayette County 911 Center to report that her child was missing. While investigating further Corporal Stephens learned that this child had been gone from the residence for at least an hour before the Mother discovered and reported the child missing. This two year-old child had traveled over a mile from the residence walking beside and in the roadway. 


Child Protective Services placed this child with the child’s Grandparents. The Mother of this child was identified as Raven Lee Hill, age 26, of Victor. She was arrested and charged with the felony offense of Gross Child Neglect Creating the Risk of Serious Bodily Injury. She was arraigned in the Fayette County Magistrate Court and remanded to the Southern Regional Jail in lieu of a $10,000.00 bond. 


This incident remains under investigation by Corporal Rachel Stephens of the Danese Detachment of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. 


“This type of gross child neglect is completely unacceptable,” said Sheriff Fridley. “This two year-old child was gone for at least an hour- and probably much longer- before the Mother even noticed that the child was missing. I shudder to think of the numerous ways in which this innocent child could have been seriously injured or killed while wandering more than a mile from the residence.” 

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