Fayette Co. Woman Arrested for Stealing Money From 88-year-old Woman

From the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office:

A Fayette County woman has been arrested tonight on felony charges involving a theft case from any elderly victim. Sheriff Mike Fridley released the following information regarding this incident:

On August 25, 2017, Deputy R.V.Neal, of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, received a complaint in the Hico area regarding a theft of a check from the mailbox of an 88 year old woman, who placed it there to pay a bill. The victim had discovered that the check failed to reach its destination. It instead was cashed at a bank in Fayetteville.

The investigation revealed that the suspect altered the check to pay to cash and changed the recipient’s name to her own. The suspect, 53 year old Brenda Lee Miller, of Fayetteville was arrested this evening and was remanded to the Southern Regional Jail to await arraignment.

“Some people don’t have the means to personally deliver payments or do so electronically, and for these people this risk will always be present” says Sheriff Fridley.

This incident remains under investigation by Deputy R.V. Neal of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.
Anyone with information regarding this incident or any others should contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department at 304-574-3590, or through our Facebook page “Fayette County Sheriff’s Department,” or you can contact Crime Stoppers of West Virginia at 304-255-STOP

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