Fayette Co. Woman Accused Of Running A Kennel Without A License

It is a face you can’t forget, as these innocent animals try and cope with their new home. The Board of Director at New River Humane Society, Beth Powers said, “We had gotten an anonymous tip saying that they were worried about some breeding, that the Dogs didn’t look like they were in good health. So after that, our Fayette county dog warden went to check it out and found out, that there were several animals on the premises and they were running a kennel without a license.

Out of those several dogs, twenty five of those innocent animals were abused. “Most of them were small breed dogs like miniature pinscher’s and Yorkies. We were pretty appalled that someone was breeding and selling these animals and not taking care of their health and doing this without a license.” said Powers. 

The woman who has been accused of this abuse and who’s name has not been released has also been accused of doing this for years. Powers told us, “I remember seeing her at Wal Mart several years ago selling miniature pictures and purebred dogs and so there has been suspicion for a long time so it was just a matter of time to catch her in the act.”

As of right now, we have been told by Chief Deputy Rod Perdue of Fayette County that the woman was fined with running a kennel without a license. He released a statement to WOAY stating: “As of right now, we are working our hardest to put an end to this problem we have in our county and we will not tolerate any animal abuse.” 

It is still under investigation. 

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