Fayette Co. students will not get to watch eclipse outside; Raleigh Co. can if supervised


The top priorities of Fayette County Schools are our students’ safety and well-being, and of course, their education. In keeping with these priorities, here are our plans for Monday, August 21:

• Staff will keep students inside as much as possible during the time of the eclipse.

• Staff will teach/review safety procedures to follow during an eclipse, especially before students are dismissed at the end of the day.

• Staff will provide maximum supervision when students are outside after dismissal.

• The eclipse will provide learning opportunities such as eclipse-related activities or viewing the eclipse live on various websites.

RALEIGH CO., WV (NEWS RELEASE) – While medical professionals advise that it is always dangerous to look directly at the sun without appropriate eye protection, out of an abundance of caution, the district is taking extra steps to ensure student safety during the eclipse, while allowing schools to take full advantage of this rare learning opportunity.

Several Raleigh County schools have purchased viewing glasses compliant with the ISO 12312-2 International Safety Standard and will be allowed to proceed with planned viewing events if they are able to provide adequate supervision.

All schools are being encouraged to share the viewing experience with their students by utilizing television feeds, internet live streams, or recordings of the event.

The district has also provided teachers with resources and lessons about the solar eclipse that are aligned with West Virginia’s content standards. As part of their instruction, these teachers will be talking with students about the dangers of looking directly at the sun at any time, but especially during the solar eclipse.

Finally, as school is dismissed, extra staff will be on hand at each school to instruct students not to look directly at the sun and to monitor students as they exit their schools. Elementary students whose parents pick them up or ride school buses will not be allowed to go outside until their transportation has arrived.

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