Fayette Co. Icon Inducted Into Wall Of Distinction

 “I had a wonderful life with Kenny and he well deserves the recognition today and I thank everyone for coming.” – Lita Eskew, wife of Kenneth Ewskew. 

It was a room filled with mostly tears and some laughter as the Historical Landmark Commission recognized and remembered a person who had a great impact on Fayette county, commissioner Kenny Eskew. The wall of distinction originally inducted twenty-five people who have gone into the world beyond Fayette county borders, Eskew being one of them. Secretary of Historical Landmark Commission, Ami Dangerfield told us, “The two main criteria we focused on was his ten year at the Pentagon and also his involvement in the Atomic Bomb testings at Yucca Flats in Nevada.” Eskew Passed away in 2010, after serving as commissioner for eight years. He is survived by his wife of sixty-seven years and his daughter Denise, who even followed her in fathers foot steps as commissioner. Denise A. Scalph told us, “My dad loved this county, as I said loved the people in this county and loved serving the people in this county.”

 Kenny eskew will now be the only commissioner added to the Wall of Distinction and his legacy will continue to live on. 

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