Fayette Co. Democrats want Justice to apologize for "betraying" the party

FAYETTE CO., WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee met Thursday night and unanimously voted to approve and distribute a resolution asking Governor Jim Justice to apologize for “betraying” the party by switching to a Republican.

The committee says Governor Justice told residents the state is doomed without the passage of the road bond. Then he switched parties and failed to promote the road bond in events he promised to host. His fellow Republicans have also come out against the road bond. The party asks, “Are we now doomed?”

County Democrats contend that if passage of the bond will help our state, Justice squandered time and energy while he changed parties.  They say voters need more information about the road bond up for a vote this fall, but Justice put his energy into helping Donald Trump.

Here is the resolution that was adopted:

As members of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee, we gave our time, energy, and resources to elect Jim Justice as the Democratic governor of the state of West Virginia.

Whereas Justice has betrayed our trust by changing his party affiliation,

Whereas Justice has exhibited dishonesty that will forever fracture our ability to believe him,

Whereas Justice chose a public event to announce his change of party and to help a president who is universally considered the worst to occupy the office, Justice showed poor judgment,

Whereas Justice said his Democratic staff knew nothing of his plans, Justice put his staff in compromising positions, causing them to lose their jobs,

Whereas Justice proclaimed that his highways bill was essential to the economic survival of our state, Justice failed to make the pre-election efforts in support of the bill that he promised he would do because of time wasted with his party change,

Whereas Justice staff has been put in disarray because of his ill-considered decision, day-to-day operations of government, meant to benefit West Virginians, have been harmed,

Whereas the Republican Party supports a platform and consistently announces plans to cut services to the poorest of the poor, West Virginians can only be harmed by this betrayal,

Whereas the right to vote is a fundamental part of our Constitution, Justice has defrauded voters who cast their ballots for a Democratic governor,

Therefore, be it resolved, we ask that Justice apologize for his betrayal, and we condemn him in the harshest terms for his dishonesty and betrayal.

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