Fayette Co. Democratic Executive Committee supports road bond initiative

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (NEWS RELEASE) –  Members of the Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee raised their hands to be counted among those who want to see the “2017 Roads to Prosperity” amendment passed. They are encouraging residents to vote “Yes” when they mark their ballots.

Proceeds from the sale of bonds will be used for large projects in a majority of our counties. In addition to the 39 projects, highways officials want “pay as you go” road improvements in all 55 counties. The pay-as-you-go projects will be funded through the sale of federally backed GARVEE bonds. The Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle bonds can be used under the guidelines of the National Highway System Designation Act with future federal highway funding.

The referendum would give state officials the ability to buy $1.6 billion in bonds for road construction. The money would be paid back from increases in gasoline and sales taxes on motor vehicles, as well as fees at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Legislators already approved those measures, so voting “yes” will not create increases.

In the short run, this amendment will mean jobs. In the long run, the amendment will mean West Virginians have safer roads to travel. Federal matching of road money means more improvements than just the money the bonds raise.

Legislators wrote this summary in the amendment language: To provide for the improvement and construction of safe roads in the state.

Statewide, voters will go to the polls Saturday, Oct. 7, and be asked to vote “yes” or “no.” Early voting starts September 22.

Members of the Democratic Executive Committee urge voters to take a few minutes and vote “Yes” for a measure that will mean years of benefits at low cost.

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