Fayette Co. chase suspect claims officers beat and tazed him during arrest


FAYETTE CO., WV (WOAY) – A follow-up now on a story we first reported Monday evening.

That’s when 28-year-old Bryan Allen of Mt. Hope was involved in a 4 vehicle crash near Hilltop.

Investigators say afterwards, Allen took off from the scene.

After being chased, Allen says multiple police officers beat him and tazed him.

You’ll notice in his mug shot Allen’s eye is swollen.

Before the chase began, a Mt. Hope police officer spotted Allen at the Exxon station in Glen Jean after the 4 vehicle crash.

Fayette Co. Sheriff’s Deputy A.B. Hudson arrived at the gas station and while trying to question the driver, the sheriff’s office says the vehicle drove off, headed north on Route 19 towards Oak Hill.

Deputy Hudson knew the driver we’re told, and was aware Allen had a revoked license.

Hudson gave chase, turning on his emergency lights.

The West Virginia State Police and the Oak Hill Police Department also helped.

The sheriff’s office says Allen eventually “lost control” of his vehicle at the Appalachian Drive intersection in Fayetteville, crashing again into another car.

The Oak Hill and Fayetteville Fire Departments had to cut that driver out.

He was taken to the hospital and was in serious condition as of Tuesday.

Allen’s passenger was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

And Allen went to the hospital with minor injuries.

He’s charged with multiple offenses including DUI Causing Bodily Injury, Fleeing While DUI, Fleeing Causing Bodily Injury, Fleeing Causing Property Damage, Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Failure to Maintain Control.

“There is no excuse for this type of reckless and dangerous behavior,” said Sheriff Mike Fridley. “Allen clearly knew that he had been drinking and that his driver’s license was revoked at the time he was involved in the initial motor vehicle collision at Hilltop. He certainly knew that he was in trouble and would be arrested, but instead of facing these initial potential charges he chose to flee from the scene, causing another serious collision and needlessly endangering the lives of innocent motorists on U.S. Route 19 and the lives of the police officers attempting to stop him.”

Later on Facebook, Allen commented that two Oak Hill Police officer’s stomped on him after throwing him to the ground and tazed him three times.

He also claims eight different officers beat him, causing head wounds.

Plus he says he lost control of his vehicle because one of the officers “fishtailed” him, causing him to wreck the second time.

A picture of two Oak Hill officers standing over Allen was also posted on Facebook.  There are claims that one of the officers had his foot on Allen’s head.

WOAY called the Oak Hill Police Chief for comment.

At first, Chief Michael Whisman said West Virginia State Police Officers arrested Allen.

When we told him the Facebook picture showed two of his officers standing over Allen apparently arresting him, he told us he had not seen the photo, would not comment and that many pictures on Facebook are fake.

Sheriff Mike Fridley told us he had been advised by the Fayette Co. Prosecutor’s Office not to comment.

Chief Whisman also said Allen was being investigated for firing a gun into an occupied apartment earlier on Monday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Allen had not been charged with that crime.

EDITOR’S NOTE: WOAY  is in no way judging the officers who responded to this chase – neither are we taking Allen’s side or law enforcement’s side.  We learned more facts about the incident today and are simply reporting them so you, our viewer, would be better informed about the story and could make an informed decision.

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