Fayette Co. Asks for Donations for Bomb Dog

FAYETTEVILLE–   The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to raise funds for the purchase of a new bomb-detection dog. Sheriff Mike Fridley released the following information concerning this fundraising effort:
The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office bomb-detection K-9 died last year. An untrained golden retriever was subsequently donated to the Sheriff’s Office to be trained as a bomb-detection K-9, but after several months of training this dog was unfortunately found to be unsuitable for use in this role. The Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit has located a fully-trained and certified bomb-detection dog available for purchase, but we do not have the funds to make this purchase at this time.
Our K-9 Unit currently has two Bloodhounds that are fully certified in tracking and two Dutch Shepherds that are fully-trained and certified in drug detection and tracking, but we are in desperate need of replacing our bomb-detection K-9. The bomb-detection K-9 is used to help keep our schools safe, help check the vendors during the annual Bridge Day event and is also used to search for discarded or hidden firearms during criminal investigations. “Just as an example, a bomb-detection K-9 would have been incredibly useful during the investigation of the recent murder in Oak Hill,” said Sheriff Fridley.
The cost for the Sheriff’s Office to purchase this fully-trained and certified bomb detection K-9 is $7,500.00. “We simply don’t have the funding available to fund such a major purchase at this time,” said Sheriff Fridley.
We already have a trained handler ready to partner with this bomb-detection K-9. After a short period to permit the handler to bond with the dog and develop a working partnership, this bomb-detection K-9 will be ready for deployment.
Anyone wishing to make a donation towards the purchase of this bomb-detection K-9 should make a check payable to the “Fayette County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association” and specify on the memo line that this donation is for the purchase of a “bomb dog.” Donations may be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office or mailed to the Sheriff’s Office at P.O. Box 509 Fayetteville, WV 25840. All donations will be greatly appreciated.
“Our K-9 Unit works hard to keep our citizens safe,” said Sheriff Fridley. “We need the assistance of the public, however, to make sure our K-9 officers continue to have the best-trained keen-nosed partners possible to insure their continued effectiveness.”

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