A Father Is Arrested For Child Neglect

 Toys laying on the front porch, Barbie dolls and even a trampoline in the front yard of this trailer park. But this image right here wasn’t what led deputies to Arnold Campbell’s home, it was child neglect says the Raleigh county sheriffs office.

At the Stanaford little general store is where six year old Emily rode her bike because she said she was thirsty. And that is when a citizen noticed the girl was left unattended and contacted police. According to deputies CPL. Stump placed the child in his patrol car and drove to white pines to find the girls father, who he had passed several times. But Campbell allegedly never flagged down authorities to report his child missing. The little girl also told CPL. Stump that she was home alone, but her father told us  in a recent interview that he was out looking For her. Campbell said, “I realized it’s been eight or ten minutes and she’s still not here and I said “wait a minute she should already be here.” So I come outside and I yelled and I couldn’t hear her, see her so I jumped in the car and said, well she got distracted.”

But according to the Raleigh County Sheriffs Office that was false. Deputies say Campbell confessed to leaving the child alone and loosing track of her. Right now Emily is staying with her grandmother while Campbell is pending an arraignment.

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