Farmer’s Day Festivities Draw Large Crowd to Union

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): This year’s Farmer’s Day in Union put many smiles on folks who flocked to Monroe County.

Race organizer Kim Estep told WOAY, “This is our third year of doing the race for the Fred Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund. My father was Fred Walker. We started a memorial fund for him when he passed in 2017. We continued to give scholarships in the community. We do some other things that help with the state fair and the dairy show there. So we’re a part of that. This year we’re giving some of the funds to the local cemetery here in Union. Lots of cemeteries are struggling to continue to stay afloat these days, so we’re helping to donate to the the cemetery for our community so that we can keep that looking nice.”

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill and Abby Dixon were the top male and female winners in the 10K race on Saturday.

The festivities were just getting underway after the foot races Saturday morning; the annual Union Farmers Day parade was up next. The best part about the parade for the little ones was the candy and for the upper-classmen, it was the announcement of the scholarship winners.

We caught up with scholarship winner Bryceson Whitt. “I just received the Monroe County Area of Commerce Scholarship here on Farmer’s Day. I am a graduating senior from Jamestown High School and I’ll be attending Dartmouth College in the fall. They give this (scholarship) out every year. It’s worth $500 this year, and I’m very grateful for it.”

The celebration continued just down the street from the parade with the annual horse race competition. Merrill asked competitor Katlynn Winnings from Dawson, W.Va., “What’s your favorite part about horse racing?” Winnings said, “Getting to experience all these things with other horses and being with family.” Merrill asked, “And what’s the name of your horse?” Winnings said, “Scarlet.”

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