Farm Field Day In Southern West Virginia

It was no regular day for farmers in southern West Virginia as they celebrated “Farm Field Day” at John Farrell’s family farm in the Big Bend of the Greenbrier River. Owner of farm, John Farrell and District Supervisor told us, “We have vendors, displays and demonstrations. If the rain stops, I am going to give a pastor walk to show how I raise my cattle and how I stock grass in the winter time to feed them.” 

This special day for West Virginia farmers has been around for many decades and the Southern West Virginia Conservation District says they are happy to be hosting it for a second year in a row. Mrs. West Virginia 2017, Marty Walker added, “It is just an opportunity to celebrate what we do in conservation with soil, land and water. A lot of our farmers in the area are centered in Summers county but we had a lot of people today from Mercer, we also had some folks from Wyoming. So, we are just trying to reach out to southern West Virginia and have a day to celebrate agriculture.”

The event had roughly 120 guests, some of them being farmers and some from the public. Jimmy Hatfield is a farmer who came to the event for the first time ever, he is also a retired coal miner and veteran. He told us that there is a lot more to farming then people realize. He added, “Get the public involved and show that even though we are in West Virginia it doesn’t mean we don’t help the economy or help the people around. We also have a big impact on the farming community.” 

Southern Conversation District as well as farmers are hoping West Virginia residents can learn more about the many resources the Mountain State has to offer!

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