Famous Poky Dot restaurant caught in the middle of political sexual battle

FAIRMONT, WV (WOAY) – A group of pastors, lawmakers and citizens invited the president of the Family Policy Council to their quarterly luncheon meeting Wednesday at the iconic Poky Dot restaurant in Fairmont.

Word got out and emotions ran hot among local residents.

Many feel the Family Policy Council is an ultra-conservative religious group that promotes their ideals on family values.  One of their biggest issues is to oppose same-sex marriage.  Some even consider it a hate group and claim members are bigots.

Tuesday night, many pro-LGBT protesters crowded the restaurant wanting the owners to cancel Wednesday’s meeting.

According to the Family Policy Council WV website, the lunch was promoted as an opportunity to hear President Allen Whitt describe how Parkersburg recently organized opposition to, and defeated a controversial city ordinance. Fairmont is considering a similar ordinance that will add sexual orientation and gender identity to protected classes.

The website claims reports from the owner at 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night were that protesters were currently occupying the restaurant and that they threatened more upheaval Wednesday if management allowed the President of the Family Policy Council to speak at the meeting.

The group plans to have a private meeting with Whitt instead.

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