Family Speaks As Missing Dog Is Found A Week Later

FAYETTE COUNTY.,WV (WOAY) – Reunited and it feels so good, last week Kristian Shreiber and her family were traveling along I-64 near exit 59 when a semi truck hit the families car. Frightened by the wreck their two year old dog “Sloth” ran.

Shreiber six months pregnant wanted to stay an search but had to be taken to the hospital her husband went searching for Sloth.

She adds, “My husband stayed down there for five days so that he could try to find the dog he’d stay at very small motels and wander through the woods from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.”

The family even drove back the following weekend to continue the search but still fell short, little did they know a miracle was about to happen. Tuesday they received a call from Ryan McClure stating Sloth had been safely found.

McClure a Parkway Authorities worker knew about the wreck from the beginning and wanted to help. “The wreck happened right before my shift started so I came into my shift knowing that there was a dog missing and needed to be found,” He adds.

He spent the following seven days searching and finally found Sloth at a home 1000 ft from the accident unable to get in contact with Animal Services he called his friend for help.

Friend of Ryan McClure Michael Moore says, “Ryan called me and asked me if I would go out there and help him get the dog out of the doghouse so I did and the dog was very aggressive but we did manage to get him out.”

After catching the dog McClure then contacted the family to set a plan on how the family was getting their missing member back both McClure and Shreiber drove two hours to meet in Marietta, Ohio to reunite the family.

Initially Sloth was aggressive towards McClure but he had a change of heart.

“After the initial video the dog turned and loved on me it’s like he knew that we were there to help him the entire time,” McClure states.

The Sheriber’s would like to thank everyone in the community who came together to try and find Sloth.

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