Extreme Weather Conditions In Beckley, WV

Powerful storms hit Southern West Virginia Wednesday afternoon leaving many people without power.  Several businesses throughout the Beckley area had to close their businesses down, some leaving signs on their doors for customers.

Around 11:15 a.m. the West Virginia Division of Highways was called to Stanford Rd. in Beckley. Due to treacherous weather, a tree had fallen down on power lines and a gas station. One plaza in Beckley, had all of their stores closed and the employees said it is affecting their businesses tremendously. “One thing, we just finished prep and everything that we prepped today, we might have to throw that all out. Food will go to waste, we’ve been in here since 8 o’clock this morning getting ready for our work day and we haven’t even gotten to open and sell anything. So that’s the main thing, some of our stuff will be wasted from today.” said Kamaria Mitchell and Donna Jones who work at Five Guys in Beckley.

Other businesses have remained closed and are hoping to open tomorrow up with their power back on.


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