Extension Discussion for Superintendent of Fayette County Schools

 Friday was another exciting day for Superintendent Terry George as the Board announced his salary and terms for the amenities that apply to his contract. George was hired by the state board when Fayette county schools lost full control. After regaining full control, the county voted this past Tuesday to keep him the Superintendent for the next four years. Board members say they are excited to continue working with him.

Stephen Slockett who is one of the Board Members, stated, “We hired a leader that has never been able to do what we’re doing in Fayette county under our C-E-F-P.” Another board member, Vice President, James, stated, “I feel confident that Mr. George is the right person to continue to lead our school system. I’m confident that the arrangements of his contract really met his needs and also met the needs of our county.”

The only board member who is opposed to Terry George continuing as Superintendent for Fayette County Schools, is Patsy Holiday. Unfortunately Patsy was absent at the meeting, WOAY did try contacting her through phone and email, but she never responded.

As for Superintendent Terry George, he said he is excited to continue his leadership as Superintendent for Fayette County Schools. He stated in an interview with WOAY, “Well we have unfinished business here, we’re in the process of getting a 40 million dollar project to build two new schools. Were also in the process of renovating two schools.”

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