What to expect on Highway 19 during Boy Scout Jamboree

In just two days, over 40,000 boy scouts, leaders, and volunteers will be taking over Fayette County for the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree.

Hosted at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, scouts will be coming from across the country to participate in tons of activities, learn about leadership, and explore the Mountain State.

And as thousands of Boy Scouts and visitors continue to arrive in Fayette County, one thing that many residents are worried about is the traffic they should be expecting.

Like with any other exciting event…. all the fun comes with traffic – and lots of it.

Especially since there’s only one main road for transportation in and out of the 14,000-acre National Reserve.

Michael Harper, the Division of Highways Route 19 Supervisor, told us,  “These whole two weeks, Route 19 is going to be very busy with the amount of troops they have coming in, so anywhere from Oak Hill to Beckley on 19 will be extremely busy.”

Anyone intending to take in one or more of the events is strongly urged to do a little advance planning.

“The main traffic is going to be from Pea Ridge to Bradley. That’s where your main traffic is going to be on Route 19,” continued Harper.

And which part of that chunk will be the most congested?

“Probably right around the New Summit building will be the busiest intersection,” said Harper.

However, there is really only one section that will cost significant delay.

“The WOAY exit will be affected on Wednesday and that’ll be about the only one that will be really affected. It’ll be a right turn only on Wednesday,” he told us.

The West Virginia Division of Highways has been working hard to plan out bus routes, times and intersections, so that they can prevent as many traffic jams as possible, but want to remind residents to give themselves extra travel time until July 28th.

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