Exclusive: Mother of Woman Convicted of DUI Speaks Out..

“Shes been my wild child, independent, on her own ya know. She is a good kid, she is a good person, she just got with the wrong people.” says mother of twenty-three year old Sarena Fox. Fox’s mother told us, “I thought she told me everything but evidently she didn’t tell me everything. There’s a lot of things that I didn’t know and I learned the hard way and I went through just trying to find places for help.” 

Fox who was twenty-one at the time was charged with a DUI after a married couple was killed in a car accident on June 18, 2015 near Glen Jean.

According to Sarena’s mother, her daughter took the narcotic the night before and still had the drug in her system the next morning. Fox’s mother said Sarena wasn’t into drinking or doing drugs, she only started taking the controlled substance because of a bad back. Fox’s mom said, ” That is what got her started but it wasn’t bad, and then after the accident it got worse.”

And there is one thing Sarena’s mother wants the public to know about the accident. “Sarena is not the only one who was under the influence, the other car that was involved and the man that got killed, he was therapeutically over the limit.” said Fox.

WOAY reached out to the prosecutor in this case. We will be continuing with this story..

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