Exclusive: A Man Opens Up About His Car Crash

“Everything else was a blur from there. I just remember waking up in the hospital and it is kind of like a movie. You see lights everywhere and you are phasing in and out. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on, I still thought I was on my way to class.” says 22 year old Daniel Kostenko.

But Daniel unfortunately wouldn’t make it to class that day. He told us, “The roads were really bad they saw a bunch of oil slicks when they were pulling up to the scene. Not from my car, but there was just oil all over the road from use. It was pouring that morning, it was really nasty and so I guess my car hydroplaned and came in oncoming traffic and hit the front right of my car and I guess just spun me around or something. And threw me into the passenger seat and my head broke the windows if I’m not mistaken.”

Those roads would be where Daniel traveled often to attend his classes at concord university in Athens. And doctors say luck was on Daniel’s side. Daniel told us, “They were saying yeah it could’ve been worse, you are very lucky. I mean they offered me a halo is, they still it to your head and they offered me that and I said no, I’m ok, I don’t really want that. But I mean they’ve offered me all these other things and they we’re worried I was going to have to go through surgery of the fracture was too bad but I was lucky. I didn’t even have to go through surgery I had no surgery nothing, the only thing I had was just staples.”

Daniel was brought to a Princeton hospital where he was stabilized. He was then taken to Charleston hospital by ambulance. Since the accident, Daniel has been nothing but positive through his recovery and has even graduated from Concord University with Magna Cum Lauda with a Bachelors in Biology Pre Professional. 

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