EXCLUSIVE: Couple who Mary Haley-Scott lived with speak out after her disappearance

WYTHE COUNTY, VA (WOAY) – In their first on camera interview, Steven and Sheila Vaught who Mary Haley-Scott lived with before her disappearance are speaking out. 

 December 10 was the last day Shelia saw her face and  the last day she heard her voice on the phone was December 13. She reported her missing on the December 15 and police sent out that report on Monday. 

Haley-Scott, who grew up in Beckley, moved to Virginia around ten years ago, Steven Vaught tells us. Steven worked alongside Mary Haley Scott’s ex boyfriend at a towing company and met her through work.

He, his wife, Sheila, and Mary have been friends since then, as they consider Mary a daughter. They’ve seen Mary through some of her most difficult times including her most recent marriage, one the Vaughts say was full of abuse. When Mary admitted herself to a hospital for mental health issues, she did not want to go back home to her husband, retired West Virginia State Trooper Bill Scott.

“And when she got out, she called me to see if I would come and get her,” Steven said. “I went and picked her up and she came here and stayed with us for awhile. And then went and stayed with other friends. She basically just wanted to get away from her husband that she said had been beating on her.”

So Mary moved in with them in their home outside of Speedwell on the first week of August. After a brief stint living with other friends, she came back to the Vaughts to live with them.

Although the Vaughts said there were no incidents or points of contact they knew of between Mary and her estranged husband, they say he was able to figure out where she was when she put her new Kia on their shared insurance. And then on December 3, Mary went out for a pack of cigarettes. 

“I started worrying whenever she had been gone for awhile, and I tried to call her,” Sheila said. “She was very upset and crying. When she come in, her shirt had been ripped half off of her and the jacket and she had places on her face where she had been attacked. She told me she didn’t know who the people were at the time.” 

Despite Sheila’s encouragement, Mary did not report the incident that night. However, Sheila says Mary was pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and asked for her ID by an officer out of uniform. She thought that was odd and according to Sheila, that was the incident she initially reported to police. This is also when Wythe County Sheriff’s Department asked about her black eyes and injuries from the alleged attack.

According to the criminal complaint, Mary alleges that her estranged husband Bill Scott and another unknown man followed her to a church parking lot in Speedway, pulled her out of the car and punched and choked her. On December 11, Bill Scott turned himself into police.

Shortly after this, Mary began working for a marketing company. Sheila joined her in this endeavor and became her secretary setting up pitch meetings for her all over the eastern part of the country. 

December 10 was the day Mary supposedly left for appointments in Florida. This is also the same day where indictments came down for Mary Haley-Scott for grand larceny out of Smyth County in VIrginia. The Grand Jury found that on Thursday, July 4, 2019, Haley Scott “unlawfully and feloniously take, steal and carry away personal property belonging to Tony Adams and Michael Perdue, having a value of 500 dollars or more, with the intent to permanently deprive the owners of the possessions.”*

When asked about this, the Vaughts said that she had previously owned two businesses in Marion, Virginia and this happened when she closed the businesses and sold her stuff. According to them, she has the receipts. 

Despite the indictment being served, Mary went on to Florida on business.

“She went down there for business. I set up the appointments,” Sheila said.  “I know for a fact she never made the very last appointment that was scheduled. She was living out of her car because she had no money. And now her car can’t be found and she can’t be found.” 

The last appointment was set up in Santa Rose, Florida. Sheila spoke with her on December 13, and then the weird messages started coming in from Mary’s personal Facebook account. 

“We started getting weird messages asking about the VIN number of her car,” Sheila said. “She’s not stupid. She knows where to find the VIN number of her car. We were told she’s dead. Her car was going to be delivered. And her phone back to West Virginia supposedly. Supposedly her phone has been pinged in West Virginia.”

“And she’s not supposed to be anywhere close to West Virginia. She’s supposed to be in Florida,” Steven added. 

But now despite the twists and turns, there are no new leads leaving everyone wondering where she is and what happened to her. Her cigarettes butts still in the ash tray and belongings still in the house and her favorite chair sits empty. 

“I mean she’s like my kid and I love her. Just let us know if you’re okay. If you’re okay, let us know that you’re okay,” Sheila said.  

The Vaughts are unsure whether she is in West Virginia, Virginia, Florida or anywhere but of you course if you have any information about her whereabouts you are encouraged to call 911 or the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department. Mary was driving a blue 2020 Kia passenger car with Virginia license plate URV3345.

*For this story, it is important to note that a grand jury meets in Smyth County every three months. The Grand Jury convenes on the fourth Tuesday of March, June and September and the second Tuesday of December.

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