Exciting News For the ROTC Members!

The Raleigh County Board of Education has been in talks of eliminating the ROTC Program that is offered at Woodrow Wilson High school. On Tuesday night, the Board of Education held a meeting, where several students from Woodrow Wilson came together as a community to fight for something they love.

The Board of Education announced at the meeting that they would keep the program for one more year, and several of the cadets as well as their families were thrilled to hear their decision. “Many of us this evening came here to argue and ready to fight to save this program and we arrived this evening to find out that they said it is going to stick around for 1 more year. We are all very glad to hear that.” said, John Ryan Anthony who is a member of the ROTC and a Senior at Woodrow Wilson High school.

The ROTC presented over a thousand signatures in hopes that the Board of Education would realize how much this means to the young men and women who are members of the ROTC. “This program has provided me with a great deal of many leadership opportunities. And it provided me with opportunities I would have never received anywhere else.” said Anthony.

Many of the cadets have seen a difference in themselves after becoming a member of this program, and their parents have seen a difference as well. “This program makes a difference in Woodrow Wilson High school and in the community throughout Raleigh County because, it inspires our students to excellence, it teaches the values of interiority, honor, discipline and respect.” said, Heather Antolini who has a son in the ROTC.

As of right now, the program¬†will only be offered for one more year. But the cadets and their families are hoping it stays longer. “We want to make sure that it is around for the next group of children who then can become young men and young women that the ROTC produces.” said, Monica Pheops, who is also a mother who has a son in the ROTC.

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