Excessive Rainfall Caused A Rockslide in Mercer County

Last Saturday, May 13th at 6:00 am, the Department of Highways (DOH) was notified that a rockslide had happened on Kellysville Road between US-460 and Willowton Road, in the community of Kellysville. Leafed trees were uprooted and heavy boulders came tumbling down from all the saturated soil caused by inches of rain which fell across southern West Virginia days before. There is actually a home at the top of the cliff; there were no reports of injury.

Joe Pack, District 10 Acting Maintenance Engineer said, “This morning we have crews that are moving heavy equipment in. We have to do some exploratory drilling on the rocks that have fallen, to see if it’s something that an air hammer can take care of, or if we need to take additional measures; like blasting”

There are multiple churches along Kellysville Road; cars were redirected on Sunday to the western entrance to the road from US-460 west. Some managed to ignore the “Road Closed” signage issued by the DOH, which is a risky move for your safety. The section is still closed off and will remain that way for a while, until they are able to stabilize the slide.

Joe Pack, District 10 Acting Maintenance Engineer said, “As far as safely goes this is still an active slide, it could be moving anytime. Anyone who enters the work area is risking their own lives. Any vehicles that go through there should be emergency services only. People should do whatever they have to do to avoid the area because someone could be seriously injured.”

We will always face nature’s wrath, but in the end nature takes its course and balances itself out.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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