Equifax to provide free credit report service to consumers impacted by partial government shutdown

Equifax Inc. , a global information solutions company, announced today that it will provide a free credit report service to consumers employed by the federal government who were impacted by the partial shutdown. The free credit report service, available here, enables consumers to access their Equifax credit report at no charge and is in addition to the free credit report consumers may obtain every 12 months by visiting annualcreditreport.com (ACR.com).


From Dec. 22, 2018, through Jan. 25, 2019, nearly 800,000 federal government employees and contractors did not receive their paychecks on time. Many consumers became increasingly stressed about their ability to meet their existing financial commitments and were concerned about the implications missed or late payments might have on their credit history.


“While the government has re-opened, consumers may be just starting to see the effects a missed or late payment has on their credit history,” said Mark Begor, CEO of Equifax. “We recognize the stress this situation may have caused for so many, and we are eager to assist furloughed federal employees, contractors, their families and communities during an extremely challenging time.

“This issue remains an important one to our entire company, and we believe providing secure access to a credit report at no charge for those consumers impacted by this situation will provide some assistance,” he added.


Here’s what furloughed federal government employees need to know when it comes to checking their credit reports:

Why should consumers impacted by the federal government partial shutdown review their credit reports?
Equifax continues to encourage consumers impacted by the partial government shutdown to proactively communicate with their lenders and creditors about their situations. As they do this, many lenders and creditors may be making special concessions, exceptions, or adjusting the terms of a financial agreement. It is important that as those conversations are taking place, consumers review their credit reports to ensure all of the information is accurate and complete. This includes information such as account information and payment histories.


What should consumers who have been impacted by the federal government shutdown look for on their credit reports?
After discussing options with their lenders, consumers should review their credit reports to ensure that any recent payment history accurately reflects any arrangements they have made with their lenders or others with whom they have a financial relationship. This information can be found in the balance and payment sections of a consumer’s credit report.


How long will Equifax make this available to consumers impacted by the partial shutdown?
Equifax is providing those consumers employed by the federal government and impacted by the partial shutdown free access to their Equifax credit report for 90 days. For the shutdown ending on Jan. 25, 2019, this credit report service will be available through April 25, 2019.


Consumers who access their credit report through this service will not be required to provide a credit card. In addition, Equifax is also providing consumers with educational information and answers to frequently asked questions. More information can be found here.

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