EPA Tests For PCB In Minden

After, a long fight and several doubts from residents, the Environmental Protection Agency has finally made its way to the town of Minden. Resident of Minden, Suzy Jenkins told us, “Actually it’s been since the later 70’s, early 80s that we have been trying to get something done. Then they went to court because one of the people from the EPA did not have the credentials that he said he did. He lied about it and they were up there trying to burn out PCB’s the dirt and stuff, which did not work. It was just another attempt that failed and then they tried a couple more times and they removed some of the soil. Then some of it was washed away because of flooding and so it’s been a battle since then.” But that fight is finally over says the EPA.

EPA On-Scene Coordinator, Melissa Linden told us, “So, today we’re back out looking at the historic Shaffer Equipment site and were taking ground water samples. So, you can see that they were purging the well and then will collect the samples after it’s been purged. We’re also looking at soil sample collection and residents along Arbuckle Creek. But, although EPA is finally doing their job, residents in Miden say they feel it is almost too late and they should have been here decades ago. Especially, a woman who’s family worked at Shaffer Equipment. Now, her brother is battling cancer, along with her father who passed away from cancer. Andrea Grace Fox told us, “I mean they said that twenty-five years ago, they said that they had it gone twenty-five years ago. When we were kids we ran and played around this whole area. We have been in contact, everybody has down here. So I mean I don’t know what the EPA would even try to do for you.”  

 EPA will be working in Minden until Friday and say it is their main priority and job to protect human health. They will have results back in a month and a half and will be holding a public open house in the Fall to go over the results. Actions will then be taken if needed. 

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