EPA Regional Administrator Meets With Minden To Discuss Future

MINDEN,WV (WOAY) – A fourth open forum meeting was held in Minden joined by EPA Region Three Administrator Cosmo Servidio.

The forum was used as a time for residents to share their concerns first-hand with the EPA. The meeting centered around how long it will take for Minden to be added to the National Priorities Listing.

Servidio said, “We’re currently assessing the site to see if it will qualify for the NPL an that’s a thorough process but we’re currently sampling.”

If Minden qualifies for the NPL the area’s hazardous waste could be cleaned up and citizens potentially could be moved to another area with the federal funding. Before voting whether Minden will make the list a hazard-ranking-system will be created.

The system will look at the impact to natural resources and the destruction of the ecosystem among other things. Though the EPA has stated their samplings aren’t raising any serious concerns resident’s hope they take a different approach.

Resident, Annetta Coffman said, “You know they’re looking at soil sample testings when they should be looking at the community as a whole and us dying, to me that’s what they should be focused on.”

Before the listing is voted on a 60 day comment period will be held as a chance to get public reactions on if Minden should make the NPL.

“I would hate to see our community hurt over an outside opinion of what they think is right for our community. We know what’s right for our community they don’t,” Coffman notes.

There is a chance Minden potentially could not make the NPL, but testing will still be done on the area regardless of the outcome.

Servidio said, “We’ll continue to monitor the site and the cap at the site.”

More samples will be conducted in late June while the official NPL ruling will take place spring 2019.



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