Local Engineering Students Blast Their Homemade Rockets

OAK HIL., WV (WOAY) – Oak Hill High School students were able to show their creativity by launching their homemade rockets.

Each year Aerospace students wait until the end of the school year to show the community exactly what they’ve done.

The launching has become an annual event as local parents, citizens and even Kindergarten classes came out to cheer on the future Engineers.

Students have one month to create the rocket and are only given a tube the main goal of the project is to problem solve.

“I really like watching them problem solve, think critically and be innovative.” She continued. “Go out of the box and try something new, I think those are skills for life if you can’t problem solve you’re gonna be dead in the water ,” Instructor Kimberly Cortines adds.

The students would like to thank the community who attended their launching. Later this year Cortines senior Aerospace class will unveil their underwater submarines.

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