Employees Recover After Raleigh County Robbery

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – On May 16th someone entered the Raleigh County Educator’s Credit Union and demanded money at gunpoint.

After over 20 years of service this marks the first time the bank has been robbed. Employees told Newswatch the suspect did not make off with much money.

Fortunately no customers were in the building when the incident took place. Employees speculate the suspect knew their peak times of service.

Though both tellers were immensely shaken up from the robbery they are recovering from the incident.

Manager Damon Hamby told Newswatch, “Initially they were as disturbed and unsettled as you could imagine after having had a pistol inches away from your face and robbed at gun point so they were clearly unsettled yesterday to say it mildly today they are proving to be remarkably resilient.”

Hamby is urging anyone in the community who has information about the blue Dodge Ram used as the getaway car to please call the Raleigh County Sheriffs Department at (304)- 255-9300

He also adds that the credit union will now be starting new security measures to avoid future robberies.

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