Employees React As Company Announces Closure

OCEANA,WV (WOAY) – Retail giants Magic Mart and Hardee’s have two things in common not only do they both sell food. Their locations within the Town of Oceana will be closing soon leaving close to 40 citizens unemployed.

Magic Mart Store Manager, Joyce Belcher said, “It’s a little tough. The community is concerned and that’s to be expected so were hoping that something else comes.”

The Oceana department store recently just celebrated their 30 year anniversary which makes the closure a little tougher for some employees.

“You know this is our community and our community does not have a lot of stores here, there aren’t many places to shop,” Magic Mart, Assistant Manager Sherry Tilly adds.

Lori Brown who has shopped at the store since she was just a little girl says, she was devastated when the store announced their closing.

“There are some people who work here that I know and I was worried about their families and jobs.”

WOAY did reach out to the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority who said they are looking to see if another retail giant will take over the spaces. In the meantime the town has started making plans on how they can drum up interest.

“What we’re going to do is use Facebook, mail out letters and things to corporate headquarters and tell them all that we have to offer,” Mayor Tom Evan Jr. said.

Until a new company comes along employees will now have to search in different counties for employment opportunities.

“We’ll move on we’ve learned a lot of experience in what we do here in retail so I’m sure something will eventually come in,” Belcher notes.

Hardee’s final day open will be on July 16, while Magic Mart is expected to close in late September or early October. Their liquidation sells will begin on July 15.

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