Eastern Spring 2024 Recap: Warm and Stormy

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): This spring will go down as warm and stormy, particularly north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

SEVERE WEATHER RECAP: Now the meteorological spring is in the rearview mirror and we are looking forward to the three hottest months of the year, we reflect back on a very active severe weather season. The Northeast averages six tornadoes in May; 18 touched down this year. Locally, we had the Hico EF2 in early April and the Ansted microburst in late May.

RAINFALL: We’ve had near average rain here in southern West Virginia. The Shenandoah Valley has been drier than average, but we’ve had a very stormy period north of the Mason-Dixon Line all the way into parts of New England.

SOIL MOISTURE: The soil is very wet for planting north of the Mason-Dixon Line, particularly west of I-95.¬†We don’t have to worry about a surplus of moisture in the soil, which would lead to flash flooding developing pretty early in the season in the summer across West Virginia. We also don’t have dry soil, so we are in a good spot for agricultural interests.

BRUSH FIRE POTENTIAL: The Byrum Drought index indicates we are not in an elevated risk for brush fires and drought. There is a slightly elevated risk for brush fires in southeastern Pennsylvania.

SPRING SNOWFALL: Interior New England has seen a snowy spring but otherwise, the remainder of the Northeast and our region has seen far less than average snowfall for the winter and spring seasons.

Chief Meteorologist Chad Merrill has the latest:

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