Easter Sunday Celebration

Several parishioners gathered at St. Francis Catholic Church in Beckley on Sunday. This Easter, the Church offered three services for people to attend as they celebrated the day Jesus Christ resurrected. Deacon Jay Ziolkowski told us, “The essence of what Christianity is all about is the resurrection of Christ through his passion and death that brings us eternal life and we celebrate that.”

For the parishioners they say Easter is a holiday that makes them appreciate how important their faith is. Emily Meadows who is a canter at St. Francis said, “Jesus died for us and we didn’t deserve that and that’s just a wonderful wonderful feeling to know that he came up out of that tomb and that’s the wonder of it all.” Parishioner Hannah Heft said, “To me Easter means, that the lord has risen and through his dying for our sins and rising from the dead. He has given us new life as well, a new life with God in Heaven.”

And for many people who do not realize, Easter is an holiday that is just as big as the Christmas holiday. “It’s the happiest day of the year, it’s unfortunate that Christmas has taken up so much of the commercial part but Easter is what we are as Christians.” said, Deacon Jay Ziolkowski. 

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