Dustin Trychta: the man behind the gourd

MORGANTOWN, WV (BY: JULIA HILLMAN, THE DAILY ATHENAEUM) – Many WVU students have unique talents, but only one student is know for his pumpkin growing skills.

Dustin Trychta, a junior horticulture student, is known throughout the state as the man who grew “Pebbles” the giant pumpkin. What many people may not know though is all the hard effort and work that goes into growing these giant vegetables.

Trychtas current growing season began on April 10, 2017. In order to be able to plant prior to the last frost he constructed temporary greenhouses using PVC pipes and soil warming cables.

When he harvests his largest pumpkin this season it will be 113 days old, thanks to these greenhouses.

Besides his giant pumpkins, Trychta takes great pride in growing just about everything that he can get his hands on. Some of the other large plants that he has grown this season include a 38.6 pound cantaloupe, 10.77 pound cucumber, a couple 60 pound watermelons and a 2.5 pound carrot.

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