DuBois On Main Celebrates Five Year Anniversary


Today, DuBois on Main, an educational non-profit organization, celebrated five years of working on its mission of informing, educating and providing opportunities that focus on the history of the DuBois High School.


This year’s program is called, “Connecting-Then and Now,” which honors individuals and highlights historical events that were part of the high school or the community.


“The point of DuBois on Main is to get people together, interracial and different ages, so that they can learn a bit about each other,” said Jean Evermare, Director of DuBois on Main.


A 1947 DuBois graduate, Major General Charles Calvin Rogers Jr., was the feature of the past for the event. He is a Congressional Medal of Honor awardee based on his feats of fighting on the ground with his men during the Vietnam War.


“I knew him better than anyone else here. So, I called ahead and they were planning that I volunteered to come up and tell everything I knew about him,” said Jack Finchman who worked with General Rogers Jr.


Former DuBois student and Board Secretary, Kathleen Scott, spoke on the organization’s upcoming featured project: The DuBois High School’s West Virginia historical marker.


The Mayor of Beckley even came out to show his support for DuBois on Main and General Rogers Jr.


“I came today to recognize General Rogers. It was so inspirational,” said Mayor of Beckley, Rob Rappold.


There was also a reception filled with discussions, videos, dinner and even live music from Lady D. Many veterans, community members and families attended the event.

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