Dry Streak Continues, Storms Return This Weekend

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): High pressure will bring dry weather Thursday and then both Friday and Saturday afternoon a thunderstorm could occur in about 15% of the real estate here in southern West Virginia.

OVERALL TRENDS THROUGH NEXT WEEK: Temperatures failed to reach expectations on Wednesday due to the high clouds shielding the Sun’s rays for a time this afternoon. We expect upper 80s to return on Thursday and then two days of 90-degree weather are expected Friday and Saturday.

A couple of showers and storms will hit Sunday evening across our entire region. There is a threat for localized gusty winds and heavy rain. A shower will linger early Monday and then warmer and more humid weather returns Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday offers the best chance for storms early next week.

ACHES AND PAINS FORECAST: The pressure will stay steady through Saturday and then drop on Sunday, so if your arthritis is sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, you will likely feel the onset of the cold front on Sunday. The aches and pains will lessen a bit early next week in the front’s wake.

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