Drugs, guns, and the Cartel: Tazewell County’s Operation Mouse Trap leads to four arrests

TAZEWELL, VA (WOAY) – In January of this year, the Tazewell County Narcotics Task Force took part in Operation Mouse Trap. The goal: Catch the higher ups in the local drug trade.

Through this effort, they managed to find and arrest four individuals who were major drug dealers in Tazewell County.

From the arrests of just these four people, they seized more than $125,000 in cash, 33 pounds methamphetamine, other drugs and more than 50 firearms. 

“They’re making significant amounts of money, that they’re not paying taxes on, off the addiction problem that we face in our county,” said Tazewell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Plaster.

One individual arrested even had a stash of body armor, a fully automatic weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The Tazewell County Sheriff says Operation Mouse Trap led to these arrests after months of undercover work.

“When people ask ‘What’s being done in my community?’ then we can all see from these photos, everything you see here, that because of the work that we’re doing, has been stopped from filtering into our communities,” Sheriff Hieatt said.

Another key takeaway from the operation was the discovery that a Drug Cartel was selling drugs to at least one of those arrested.

Members of the Cartel were even confirmed to have been in Tazewell County at some point making drop offs.

After seeing the devastation the drug problem has brought to Tazewell, the Commonwealth’s Attorney made a statement to anyone seeking to be involved in the drug trade. 

“To those involved in the illegal drug trade, or maybe even if you’re considering it, stop. We will find you, we will arrest you, and you will pay for your crimes.”

All four arrested as a part of operation mouse trap are now facing up to life in prison.

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