Drug Sweep in Raleigh County Leads to Arrests

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – A drug sweep across Raleigh County has landed 10 suspects in custody. Most of those arrested facing charges of distribution with intent to distribute.

The Raleigh County Drug and Violent Crime Task Force hoped to serve warrants on 19 alleged offenders. “We like to get things off the streets before it gets into the wrong hands. The ability to get a drug off the street and get it out of a dealers hands before it’s sold is an integral function in the prevention of crime, said Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney, Ben Hatfield.

Those arrested on Thursday:                                                                             Michael Wallace-2 Counts of Delivery                                                                          Linda Lusk-2 Counts of Delivery                                                                                  John Blankenship-2 Counts of Delivery                                                                      Stephen Hunt-3 Counts of Delivery                                                                        Matthew Bragg-3 Counts of Delivery                                                                          Brandon Morris-1 Count of Delivery                                                                                  Brian Nowajewski-3 Counts of Delivery                                                                            Jerry Cook-2 Counts of Delivery                                                                              Carlos Blevins-Possession with Intent                                                                      Bobbie Williams-2 Counts of Delivery

They Beckley Raleigh County Drug and Violent Crime Task Force also recovered, 12-grams of Heroin; 20-grams of Methamphetamine; 48-grams of Fentanyl; as well as nearly $6700 in cash and four Fire Arms.