Driving Safe When Traveling During The Holiday

BECKLEY, WV –┬áDuring the holidays there is a lot of traveling that goes on. People leave their home to go visit family members and friends out of town.
According to Triple A there will be close to 300,000 West Virginians traveling the highways this thanksgiving. While traveling its important to make sure you and the ones you love get to their destinations safely. Make sure before you hit the road that everything is in great working order and ready to go. Also do not drink and drive, there have been a lot of accidents caused by drivers under the influence during the thanksgiving holiday.

” Triple a will be rescuing more than 360,000 motorist during the thanksgiving holiday anything from your flat tire to an auto lockout to dead batteries. When your traveling over thanksgiving Wednesday is going to be very busy as well as Sunday you want to make sure that you’re leaving plenty of time to get to your destination.” Said Autumn Bess, “AAA” Retail Manager

The 2018 holiday weekend will see the highest Thanksgiving travel volume in more than a dozen years. It’s the busiest holiday for road trips so make sure you’re aware and you keep your eyes on the road.

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