Driving In The Winter Weather

BECKLEY, WV –  As we all know the winter season is now in full effect and with the weather changing so does the driving conditions. So here are some things you should check on the winter car care list. Make sure you have the battery charged, the cold temperatures can cause the car battery to die. Have an emergency road kit and jumper cables as well as checking the tire pressure, coolant levels, the lights, and everything that has to do with your vehicle being prepared for any type of weather that is to come.

” Now is the time to get in that winter driving mind set. Make sure that you are slowing down. Remember that even when the rest of the road isn’t icy your bridges and over passes and any shady areas certainly can be. Decreases your speed and you want to increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. You want to make sure you have plenty of room to stop if you need to.” said Autumn Bess, AAA Retail Manager

Check your vehicle and check every mechanical part of the car and every internal item that should be packed in the car. Its better to be safe than sorry and we would rather you be safe.

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