Dramatic rescue of drowning toddler caught on bodycam

(ABC NEWS)- Two New Jersey police officers saved a toddler from drowning in a pool Sunday after arriving in less than two minutes.

Newark Police Officers Malikul Aziz and Shaquille Johnson were at the right place at the right time around 4 p.m. on Sunday when they received a call of a child not breathing after being in a family pool.


Aziz and Johnson were on the scene about 90 seconds later and their swift response was caught on body-cam video.


Johnson flipped the young girl on her stomach and forcing the water out by hitting her back.


The 2-year-old girl is then able to breathe and starts crying.

“They treated the baby like it was their own daughter and I’m really really thankful for that,” the girl’s father, Omar Zamora, told “Good Morning America.”

Police said the little girl was briefly hospitalized but is now back home with her family.

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose echoed the girl’s father, saying: “I am proud that these officers stepped in as if this child was a member of their own family. Today, I speak for the entire City of Newark in giving them our most sincere thanks.”



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